Got It All

With hard work, meditation, blood, sweat, and a few naps the new EP is in our hands and ready for us to take down the coast as we embark on the Busk or Bust tour early on Tuesday morning. 

If you want a sample of the acoustic version of these songs and the engineering genius of Chase Baldwin you can listen to the first track on our website. If you want to hear the whole thing you'll have to come find us at a show and buy it. 

To understand how this all came together.
1. We recorded all five tracks live while Chase played the bass from the engineering chair. 
2. These songs were recorded nearly in full within two days. 
3. There was another weekend of cleaning up sound and then the mixer broke.
4. The mixer was repaired just in time for the team (mostly Chase) to finish up the mixes and get the tracks ready to press into a CD.

So give us three weeks and we'll give you an album... and a tour!

Look out California, here we come. 

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