In a world where people are becoming increasingly distracted by technology, the idea of returning to a simpler time is more appealing than ever--a time where the group would gather around a campfire to sing songs and tell stories, completely engaged in the moment. With a private performance, you can recreate this experience in the comfort of your own space with friends, family members, or neighbors. 

In recent years, private performances have become a staple of the independent music scene, being a unique and organic way for listeners to discover and connect with touring artists. To make this idea a reality, all you'll need is a space (living room, backyard, patio), a group of 10-30 people, ample seating, and an open date on the calendar. Many hosts will even encourage guests to bring food and drink, turning the event into a potluck!

This intimate experience will last about two hours (45-minute set, a break, and a second 45-minute set). During that time, I'll share a mixture of music and poetry. I will also tell stories from my travels around the US and give insights into how certain songs and poems were inspired. 

You may be wondering how much it costs to host a private performance, and the answer is: nothing. All fees are covered by ticket sales, which I'll help coordinate. I will also provide everything you'll need to invite your people. 

If you'd like to host a private performance, have questions, or would like to talk about booking another event (wedding, birthday, graduation), click here, and I'll respond promptly. 




“Alex came highly recommended to us by a venue in the area and he was the perfect addition to our intimate wedding ceremony. Not only was he responsive and easy to work with, he was willing to accommodate last minute changes in plans the week of our wedding. Everyone in attendance commented on how wonderful the music was and the great selection of songs. He even learned a couple new songs that were special to us and made it such a perfect, personalized ceremony. Don’t hesitate to book Alex for your event!”

- Lauren Brown (Bride)