South for the Winter Tour - Photo Journal

After a little over two weeks on the road, Geli and I have once again parked the RV in the Pacific Northwest. 
Our South for the Winter tour--to Central Arizona and back--was a huge success! We played 8 (official) gigs…

A Lovely Ruckus

2016 has been amazing!
We've played over 100 gigs this year--from Seattle to New Orleans and a few places in between.
And, as awesome as 2016 has been, 2017 is shaping up to be even better.

With the band moving…

Next Stop: Paradise

Since returning from the Road, the band has been super busy playing gigs and working on new material. 
During some of our down time, we were able to scope a few studios in the Seattle area. After considering our options…

Ball of Glass

Hey all!
We have some very exciting things brewing.
In the coming weeks, we'll be filling you in. 
For now, here's a video for our song "Ball of Glass", shot beneath some cedars by camera-master Wyatt Olney. 

Tales From The Road - Final Chapter (Arizona)

After Utah, Austin, New Orleans, and many stops in between, Geli and I had thought we'd seen it all on this tour. But nothing could prepare us for the beauty of Northern Arizona. 

Before we made our way toward…

Tales From The Road - Chapter 3 (New Orleans)


What a week it's been. 

After a 22 hour drive from New Orleans to Phoenix, Geli and I have parked the RV in the parking lot of the Arizona Casino—a place where, during my 7 AM trip…

Tales From The Road - Chapter 2 (Austin)

Writing to y'all from a coffee shop in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 
En route to New Orleans, ​Geli and I have decided to park the RV beside the bayou at a nearby state park and enjoy a day off.  

Tales From The Road - Chapter 1 (Idaho, Utah)

Greetings from the Road!
Alex here.
Geli and I are about a week into our month-long run from Seattle to New Orleans and back. So far, the tour has been a blast.

The trip kicked off last Wednesday, the 28th…


We are very excited to share this video with you.
It's a cover of "Ohio" by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young--written about the Kent State shootings of 1970.
We've added a second verse to document current struggles between American citizens…

Heart of Gold

Last week, the boys and I went down to the Snoqualmie River and recorded a few videos for our new Youtube channel. 
Here is the first: Heart of Gold by Neil Young. Thanks to Wyatt Olney for filming and editing…

Coming up for air

Hey all, Alex here.

These past few months have blown by in a blur of performances and productivity. 
Several shows have featured "The Road", but I've been focusing largely on solo performances as of late. 

I've been bouncing all over…

Passing the next mile marker...

These past few months have been very busy for the Road.
We've played many amazing shows and have been booking like crazy to set up a very exciting summer schedule. 

Check the calendar for upcoming dates, both solo and with…