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"Inside out is a collection of poems by Seattle-raised writer and musician Alex Rasmussen. Composed over the course of several years spent performing across the US, the poems explore topics from love to loneliness, eccentric painters to hollow consumers. Each work is a piece of a puzzle which, once assembled, shows in vivid detail a life shaped by the journey from turbulent childhood to nomadic artist."

"Armed with only a guitar, 26-year-old Jason Mayes travels from the streets of Seattle to the subways of San Francisco—from secret rooftops to sandy beaches, hidden kisses to crowded bars—blazing hot on the trail of a dream and soaking up every experience along the way."

"Becoming Visible is a collection of poems by twelve Seattle-based writers. Each offers a unique perspective from their often-soggy corner of the country. From the whimsical wordplay of Gemma Maliszewski to the melancholy musings of Oscar Mejia, from Hailey Magee's erotic imagery to Lucas Van Linden's eloquent romanticism, this anthology contains something for everyone. Like one's first taste of fresh Northwest salmon, or view of the majesty that is Mount Rainier (Tahoma), the words and ideas within will leave an impression that lasts long after the final page has been turned."