As an artist who's been writing and performing music for over twenty years—spanning genres from thrash metal to reggae—Seattle-based singer-songwriter, novelist, and poet Alex Rasmussen has finally found a sonic home in his current musical incarnation: a unique blend of folk and rock inspired by life’s highs, lows, and every evasive emotion in between. 

From the stomach-twisting rush of a whirlwind romance to the searing regret of habitual self-sabotage; from the Pacific Northwest to New Orleans—Tennessee to the Texas hill country; each of Alex’s songs is a mile marker along a potholed highway, driven with crossed fingers toward some sense of understanding. 

His 2020-released EP, Make it Real, consists of five songs recorded in Los Angeles by Grammy-winning producer / engineer Sheldon Gomberg (Ben Harper, Lucinda Williams). The tracks feature a skilled cast of LA studio musicians, including Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek, who contributed violin and vocal harmonies to "Make a Living" and "Back to Nashville." Make it Real is available in the "music" section of this site and on all streaming services.

Alex's novel, Coloring outside the Lines—based on experiences collected while street-performing between Seattle and San Francisco—is available here: His poetry collection, Inside out, can be found here:

Currently hunkering down in Seattle, Alex is finishing his second novel, compiling a new poetry collection, and performing both solo and with his band.

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