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From the Pacific Northwest to New Orleans--Tennessee to the Texas hill country--singer, songwriter, novelist, and poet Alex Rasmussen has spent much of the last several years traveling the United States and sharing his music: a unique blend of folk and rock fueled by the adventures and heartaches of a nomadic spirit. With hundreds of performances under his belt and a million new experiences to mold into music, Alex is now hunkering down in his hometown of Seattle, Washington, where he is writing a second novel, playing shows, and putting the finishing touches on an EP, which was recorded in Los Angeles this summer by Grammy-winning producer / engineer Sheldon Gomberg (Ben Harper, Peter Case).

The songs will be released in early 2020. In the meantime, you can find Alex Rasmussen on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you stream your music. 

Alex's novel, Coloring outside the Lines--based on experiences collected while street-performing between Seattle and San Francisco--is available here:

His poetry collection, Inside out, can be found here:

Hustlin' Hearts 

New video posted above and in the "videos" section!

A father and son selling bottled water to tipsy tourists on the streets of Nashville. Immigrant construction workers sweating it out out six days a week in the hundred-degree Texas heat. A farmer’s market jeweler shivering through a Seattle winter to put food on the table for her son. 
These are a few of the everyday heroes. 
The hustlin’ hearts. 
And this is their song. 

Thanks to these talented people for bringing this to life. 
Recorded and mixed by Brad Kaminski 
Mastered by Blake Francis Bickel of Dynamic Sound Service 
Bass by Chase Baldwin 
Drums by Heather Thomas 
Fiddle by David Salonen 
Harmony vocal by Fae Wiedenhoeft 
Performance footage by Brie Golden Breeze 
Video edited by Wyatt Olney 
Check out Nature's Twist jewelry online or at Pike Place Market. 

Song available on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you stream music. 

Inside out 

After almost four years of writing, re-writing, editing, and second-guessing, my first poetry collection, Inside out, is available for purchase in paperback or Kindle format on Amazon. 

"...the poems explore topics from love to loneliness, eccentric painters to hollow consumers. Each work is a piece of a puzzle which, once assembled, shows in vivid detail a life shaped by the journey from turbulent childhood to nomadic artist." 

Follow this link to check it out!

A huge thank you to editors Anna Eklund and Sarah Pasillas for your hard work and patience. 

Cover art by my very talented sister, Ashley Zuckerberg (Instagram: @fromatozcrafts).

Graphic design by the one and only Mario Di Sandro (Instagram: @disandroid).


My Kinda Crazy 

Here's a new video for you!
Shot in Nashville by the very talented Monica Baranko.
The tune is a tribute to women who live by their own rules. 
Lyrics are available in the Youtube video info. 

On The Road Again... 

My two months in Seattle was a blur of gigs, recording, and working a few jobs to pay for recording. 
Now, I'm happy to announce that the 6-song EP is officially finished and--after a few days of much-needed rest in Salt Lake City--I'm headed to Cleveland, OH, to kick off a Midwest mini-tour and pick up the discs. 

I'll let you know as soon as the new music is available for streaming / download!

One Brick at a Time... 

After a gorgeous six-day trip from Austin to Seattle--complete with stops in Albuquerque, Salt Lake City and Bend, Oregon--I'm now back in the swing of Northwest livin'. My first three days at home were spent at Paradise Sound in Index, tracking vocals and putting finishing touches on a soon-to-be-released six-song EP. I'm very excited about the way these tunes are shaping up, and I'm aiming to have them finished and released before I leave for a Midwest tour on March 29th. 

In the meantime I have several solo gigs--and a few with the trio--in the area. Check the calendar for a date near you and come hang!

I'll also keep you posted as my poetry collection--Inside Out--gets more polished. I don't have a projected release date for this project, but once the poems are cleaned up--thanks to editor, Anna Eklund--I'm going to be sending them to some publishers with the hope that some larger entity will release the work. This process will take some time, but it could be worth the wait. 

Keep checking back for updates and have a good everything!


Diverting the Flow 

A few weeks back I had a dream that I was hanging with my former Seattle band-mates. One of them told me that I should "Finish what I started."

After waking I realized that this comment came in regard to the recordings the band and I had begun a year ago; and, after speaking with that band-mate, it was revealed that she and the other band-mates had held a conversation about the status of the recordings on the same night I had that dream. 

I'm always one to listen to synchronicity. And when it coincides with the inability to lock down dates with the folks I'm scheduled to work with in Texas, the choice is easy. 

I'll return to Seattle January 25th through March 29th. En route I'll meet with a good friend in Bend, Oregon, who'll be lending his phenomenal electric-guitar skills to one of the six tracks that I'll be finishing while in the Northwest. 

The sessions will continue at Paradise Sound in Index, Washington, and will feature several guest musicians to broaden the EP's tonal spectrum.  

While in the area I'll also be playing several gigs--some solo and some with other NW musicians. After two months at home, I'll shoot out to Nashville with the recordings to explore the songwriting scene and dive deep into Music City livin'. 

I'm also in the midst of the editing process for a collection of sixty poems, which will be called "Inside Out." 

Slow and steady seems to be the name of the game. And, though I am very excited to share all of these creations with everyone, I know that this work will only make the final products that much better. 

Shine on!


The Leaves, They Are A-Changin' 

Greetings from Nashville! 

The past few weeks have been spent between here and Cincinnati, Ohio.

I've played a few fun gigs (including a Cinci Farmer's Market where some costumed children held a tiny dance party), met many friendly folks, and been inspired and humbled by the abundance of talent and opportunity in Music City.  

Tomorrow I'll head back to Texas, where I'll stay for a few months. During this time I'll be evaluating a few studio options and recording some music .

After the EP is recorded and released--and a collection of my poems has been published--I'll be coming up to Nashville to explore the songwriting scene and dive deep into Music City life. 

The next few months will be a blur of creativity and hard work; and I can't wait to share the finished products with you. 

In the meantime, I've posted a tune called "Blame Me", recorded between a hotel in Cincinnati and a hostel in Nashville. I slept in the van for the majority of my time up here (showering in an abandoned house), but once the temperature started dropping into the mid-thirties I figured I'd treat myself to warm water and some non-shivering sleep. 

Enjoy the song! 

I won't tell you what it's about. 

Sometimes it's more fun that way. 


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Greetings from beautiful Sedona, Arizona!

The journey from Seattle to Austin has been great so far--many successful gigs, friendly folks and adventurous hikes. 

Beyond all of this, I've begun to record music in my Dodge Caravan--committing myself to releasing at least one new song a month. The tunes will be recorded in the van--or in various basements, garages and studios across the country. These tracks, along with poetry, tour stories and more, will be posted on my new Patreon page:

Follow the link to check out my first van-tracked release, Come and Gone, recorded in and around Sedona. 


Mission Accomplished 

I'm pleased to report that the trip to Salt Lake City with fiddler Amanda Fitch was a great success.

We played several amazing gigs, camped for a few days in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains and braved 105 degree heat in a '98 USPS van with no A/C. Needless to say, this van is being swapped out for one with air-cooling capabilities. Driving half-naked with the windows down (earplugs to kill road noise) did little to drop our body temperatures. Luckily we only had a few drives where the heat was so oppressive. The rest were done during morning or early afternoon before the sun could reach its sinister potential. 

Here are some highlights from the journey:

Wandering through Boise's vibrant Freek Alley--an eclectic collection of local graffiti. We could've spent a whole day taking in the art. 

Camping by Skein Lake in the hills above Lake Cascade in Central Idaho. With the exception of a man and his dog, we were the only two beings on this lake. Gorgeous and serene. The next day we took in America's birthday fireworks, shot from a marina on Lake Cascade. 

On July 5th the van had a cylinder misfire en route to our gig in Twin Falls. Luckily we found an honest and competent mechanic (Steve Summers in Garden City, Idaho) who fixed the problem quickly, leaving us with time--and money--to spare. 

Utah offered several engaging and rewarding gigs; my favorite of which being the Self Care Sanctuary in Murray where we were encouraged to blend poetry and the reading of a chapter of my novel into our set. Toward the end of the performance, viola master Rebecca Suelzle took the stage and added her magic to a few songs. (She has yet to confirm, but may be joining me when I return to the Self Care Sanctuary on September 8th).

The next night--after a day of wake-boarding and swimming at Jordanelle State Park--we played the rooftop deck at the Boneyard in Park City, complete with 360 views of the Wasatch Mountains, a gorgeous office for the evening. Amanda flew home the next morning for a gig with her band Bootleg Sunshine, and I hiked to Jupiter Peak (elevation 10,000 feet) with a few friends and their pup. There, we watched some para-gliders sail into the sun before descending so I could play the tour's final gig at a Park City winery. 

On Monday I did some booking work at a cafe and enjoyed some improvised jazz with a friend in downtown SLC before beginning the 14-hour trek home, which happened to coincide with my 30th birthday. Spending that day on the road was a perfect opportunity to reflect on my many blessings and contemplate the next decade. 

I'm now back in Seattle until August 18th. On that date I'll begin a five week tour to Austin, Texas, which will be home for the fall. 

As far as the recording of the album is concerned, the process is on hold until the proper players can be found to put the finishing touches on the tunes. At this point, it's looking like I may be meeting them somewhere down South and finishing the work there. I'll keep everyone updated as new developments emerge. 

Until then, hope to see you out at a gig. Ruckus on!



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